Financial Planning

Financial planning is very important because it’s sets a priority of where money will be spent. Prioritizing needs over wants allows for a successful future and less financial instability.

Not financial planing properly may allow your credit score to drop, ultimately costing more money with higher interest rates and less money to spend on leisure and important bills.

Professional development opportunities during budget planning is money set aside for education or catastrophic emergencies. Expecting the unexpected and properly being proactive is better than being reactive and scrambling for assistance.


Professional Communication

The common theme among professionals was proper and effective communication. The professionals use communication to coworkers, customers, and patients. Any information expressed through verbal or body language was professional and helped their profession dramatically.

Communication is key in my career and development. I work with people during emergency situations and being able to express my ability to help them or assist in their problem is paramount. Understanding proper words to use and appropriate body contact will set me up for success. The one surprise is teamwork because unit cohesion is always a great factor, but many jobs can be done properly with one person.


Appropriate attire for a person in my profession are various uniform. As a firefighter, we maintain a working uniform, structure uniform, search and rescue uniform, and formal uniform.

A person in my field shows empathy to people in help and assists with their emergency when called upon for service. Going above and beyond to make the person feel secure.

Tone of voice goes a long way as a firefighter. Talking calm soothes a person under influence of drugs. Speaking slow and being calm makes a person with serious medical emergency calm down and concentrate on the questions being asked, rather than their immediate medical problem.

I possess the ability to understand what it feels like to be helped. Many people don’t want assistance or not receptive to other people’s help, especially men. By understanding what to say to another man during a medical emergency, I can allow him to feel less vulnerable in front of family and friends.